Here are a few of the worlds and themes you’ll likely encounter most often around here:

The Cage Collections (science fiction) begins with Marked Ones, exploring the lives of individuals who will soon be snatched out of time and space into an inescapable symbiotic bond with a planet-sized entity. Keys of Cage investigates the relationships and reactions of the survivors as they build a community in spite of their differences of opinion on Cage and why it exists. Together they explore the possibilities within the bond and adapt to the unavoidable reality of their circumstances.

The Symbolic Stories Collection contains wisdom tales, fables, and illustrations I’ve written over the years. They’re specifically meant to clarify an idea and are often useful to remind of a simple truth, help shift perspective, or discover a new way to approach a problem. Many are drawn from the ways I finally learned to process various aspects of growth and insight in life. 

Outlines & partially written manuscripts, currently on hold:

The Virtual Bonds Collection explores a surreal take on relationships and society. What if the internet is linked to another dimension? What if you can’t prove that the friend you talk with every day actually exists? What if we live in a virtual world? What if time is more flexible than it seems?

The DWARF Archives (fantasy with science fiction elements) This is an interwoven gathering of altered fairy tales in a universe where magic bridges galaxies and alien gods rule humanity with overwhelming powers. What if the princess is in love with a goddess instead of the prince who is supposed to kiss her awake? What if a runaway apprentice tries to save everyone from dangerous events initiated by her abusive mother, and what if she falls in love with more than one person along the way? What if a dragon’s life becomes entangled with that of the prince so neither can live without the other?

Random Stories are also possible. Not everything fits into a collection. Quick Link

New Stories and Articles on Writing will be posted on rare occasion. When this happens I’ll most likely mention it on InstagramFacebook

My mother taught me to read when I was three. Family friends wistfully remember how I read to them from Reader’s Digest when I was four. Back then I was adorable, a trait I have outgrown. Yet I have never stopped reading since.

It seems natural, in retrospect, that I have always written stories as well.

I began with little fables about animals followed by fairy tales about a princess named Rose. I then fell into the angst of my teen years wherein which my characters suffered greatly only to die in the end. Even when I wasn’t writing, the stories continued in my head: creating alternate endings to books that left me frustrated, and re-imagining characters that should have behaved in ways that didn’t match the vision of the author.

Eventually I realized that if I wanted to read books like the ones in my imagination I might have to be the one to write them.

So I wrote and hid away the results in frustration. Yet the friends with whom I share those stories from time to time suggested that perhaps these tales aren’t quite as bad as they seem to my perfectionist perspective. Perhaps readers might enjoy them.

And so begins an experiment.

Will you enjoy my stories, too?

Come walk with me as I begin the process of refining these uncut stories into the gems I hope they will become.

I write inclusive fiction in which the characters challenge or bend the rules around traditional roles and relationships. You will encounter a variety of gender experiences, romantic or physical attractions, and relationship types in my work. My focus is on the experience of living and the meaning humanity creates to add depth to life.

Sometimes this pursuit includes a dose of traditional adventure, tragedy, comedy, consciousness, friendship, and romance. Sometimes I can’t figure out what genre of fiction I’m writing. It is what it is, I suppose.

There will eventually be PDF collections for you to download, read, and share. I’m open guest posts on other blogs, magazines, contact from editors for continuity and punctuation. One day I’ll even search for illustrators on the path to my ultimate goal of self publishing on Amazon and elsewhere.

If at some point I can make a real income from my writing I’ll be thrilled, but the main thing is to entertain you who enjoy my stories.

I’m glad you’re here.

The longest story I’ve ever completed was novella length. Until recently I considered this a great weakness. However, I have come to the conclusion that this is only a flaw if I’m trying to write epic novels. Should I decide to write something meaningful at whatever length works best, then why see it as a problem?

From another perspective, some people even prefer shorter stories and novellas. Are you one of them?

If you find it difficult to leave so soon, rest assured that every world for which I write is teaming with stories. Often the main characters even know each other. Give me time, and let me know when you’re interested in further exploration. That is where the alchemy of creativity is born.

Your story… it’s my favorite from you now and actually, one of my favorites ever, in short story section, regardless author. I loved the language you used, the form, the characters… Pretty much everything…. Have you ever read Incarceron by Catherine Fisher? Cage somewhat reminds me at that. Also, something in style of writing, but I honestly find yours better.   (Maylar)

Send in your review using the contact page.

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The first jump caught Sky in the middle of breakfast. There was just enough time to notice Rat’s eyes widening with fear before her familiar rooms vanished and she found herself holding an empty fork in the middle of a wide plain.

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Because Wisdom was also kind many of the citizens were in the habit of running to visit her cottage for every problem, great or small. The path to her door was wide and beaten down, her garden trampled, her home invaded. The line of seekers never ceased night or day.

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Color for Sky

Once there was a girl who fell in love with the sky. In those days, Sky was robed in white and shades of grey; and young Light’s favorite stories were the tales her mother told of Sky’s search for color. He asked farmers to sow flowers in his cloak, but they would not grow.

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