Color for Sky

Jan 1, 2018 | Random Stories

Once there was a girl who fell in love with the sky.

In those days, Sky was robed in white and shades of grey; and young Light’s favorite stories were the tales her mother told of Sky’s search for color. He asked farmers to sow flowers in his cloak, but they would not grow. He asked magicians to be-spell him, but the spells would merely flash and fade. He asked painters to paint him, but the colors merely fell to stain the ground. He consulted with the wise and they could think of no way to help him.

As Sky paced his normal route above her home every day, Light could see how his interest was drawn to the color of the markets and fields. She determined to find a way to fulfill his dream and for this she studied day and night. Nothing anyone could say would deter her from her quest, though she was mocked more than a little for wasting her time. After all, if even the wise could not she would fail, too.

Within the shadowed realm of the great library she plagued the caretakers with her esoteric requests, for though she studied the more common topics of color, paint, and dye, her other interests were more scientific and complex. Every morning and evening as she walked from and to her home, she would look up at Sky and promise to bring him color, though she knew he neither heard nor noticed her among the busy thousands within the city.

Among the talents of the populace, Light’s was much sought after, for her innate brilliance could lengthen working hours and make possible much that could not be accomplished in the fitful glow of candle or lantern. Upon her eighteenth birthday the Talent Manager entered her home as she ate dinner with her mother and explained that now she was of age her talent must be used for the benefit of the city. Either she must choose work from the provided list of offers or be forcibly taken from home and placed where she would be of use.

After he left, she took leave of her mother and fled to the library. Knowing that the next day her freedom would be taken from her, she reviewed her notes deep into the night and finally decided to try the plan she had devised months before. She had hoped to find a way that would not require her constant presence, since she knew she was nothing to Sky, but she determined to leave the decision to him. If she must serve someone with her talent, she would rather it be Sky than any other, for his reputation was excellent and from her observations of him, he seemed finer than any man she had ever met.

As dawn approached, Light hurried to the fields at the city limits and ran to the top of a hill lush with flowers of blue, her favorite color. Sky, following his usual habit, was washing his cape with the clear sunlight along the horizon in preparation for a new day. Hoping to gain his attention, Light carefully drew the reflected glow from the millions of flowers to herself and strengthened her radiance to compete with the rising sun.

Seeing his cloak shine a pale blue at the hem, Sky turned to find the cause. Curious at the sight of the young woman waving long beams of colored light, he came lower to speak with her. As she explained to him her studies, dedicated for his interest, and the idea of using her talent to provide him with color, he could not help but be impressed by the creativity of her theory.

He soon realized that she was offering her own time and companionship for the sake of his dream, though she stammered and evaded as though afraid of the consequences should she state the matter clearly. He reluctantly drew back, explaining that he could not accept so great a sacrifice.

She hesitated for a moment, then explained that she must serve the city anyway, and that none of the offers awaiting her choice were as interesting as the chance to experiment with coloring his cloak, if he would only be willing to tolerate her presence.

Thrilled at the idea of finally wearing color, he offered to carry her to the city hall to contract her services for the coming year.

With a quiet nod of agreement, she reached to take his hand. The color of the flowers flowed into him to radiate throughout his cloak in a great sweep of blue, and in the city behind them a great furor arose as the populace awoke to the startling change.

Children ask often for the tales of the love that grew between Light and Sky, the common favorite being of the moment when Light first flew with the great white wings Sky designed for her. They say the entire world gasped at their beauty against the blue of Sky’s cloak. On grey days they tell of how Light must be visiting her mother, and watch for the moment when Sky, in honor of her homecoming, dons the delicate, multicolored crown Light gave him as a wedding gift.

Even to this day it is still a common ritual for lovers to watch together at dawn and evening as Sky and his beloved Light dance together wearing the radiant colors Sky admired from a distance for so long.

Note: I originally wrote this story in 2009 for a “create your own fairytale” challenge, and posted it in my gallery at Deviant Art. The illustration Is a photoshop compilation I created using elements from b-e-c-k-y-stock, AilinStockWolfcatStock, and GailJohnson (with permission).

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